Transroyal Ghana Limited – The Farmer’s Heritage
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Transroyal Ghana Limited.

Since its establishment in 1991, Transroyal Ghana Limited has lived up to its core objective of local mobilization of quality cocoa beans from farms across the cocoa farming areas of Ghana. With a penchant for ensuring sustainability is at the core of its operations, Transroyal continues to ensure cocoa farming is done in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner by implementing good agriculture and social practices that promotes productivity and profitability for the wellbeing of the farmer.

As part of the top ten (10) Licenced Buying Companies (LBC’s) in Ghana, our comparative advantage include: Presence in cocoa areas, partnerships with cocoa partners and payment using state of the art technologies.

Our history and structures have enabled us to have a strong presence in the cocoa growing areas of Ghana. We are very visible in the Western, Central, Eastern, Ashanti and the Brong-Ahafo regions of Ghana. We have covered more than 80% coverage of the cocoa areas in Ghana and our investment to expand the coverage puts in good stead to increase volumes in the future. TGL has over eighty-eight (88) depots in Ghana.

TGL has partnerships and associations with renowned cocoa partners within and outside Ghana. These partnerships and associations aid in training of our farmers and adding value to the farmers and the farmer community.

The company with its fleet of articular vehicles and cargo trucks is also involved in the haulage business- transporting cocoa and fertilizers.

With its Administrative Head Office in Accra, Operational Head Offices in Kumasi, Tema and Takoradi and District Buying Stations in most cocoa-growing districts in Ghana, Transroyal has a farmer network of over two thousand that spans the whole country. In an emerging context like Ghana, our farmers’ improved yield is vital to us. In this regard, hands on agricultural training year-round coupled with other intervention programmes is paramount to us .


  • To provide the best cocoa beans to Ghana Cocoa Board and other customers (off-takers)
  • To pay the highest premium to the cocoa farmers
  • To be the most sustainable licensed buying company
  • To be the most sustainable licensed buying company
  • To increase our market share to 10% by 2020
  • Support the fight for a child-labour free cocoa production
Why Transroyal cocoa is special