Abdul Mumuni Adamu

Managing Director

Abdul Mumuni Adamu is the Director of Procurement at Global Haulage Group Limited. A multilingual professional, Alhaji Mumuni’s career spans over xxx years over xxxx industries.  Prior to his current role, he was the Marketing & Workshop Director and Port Supervisor for Global Haulage Limited.Alhaji Abdul Mumuni sits on various boards including Cocoa Merchant Company, Global Haulage Group, and member of Board of Trustees of Alhaji Dr. Adamu Iddrisu Foundation. A shareholder of The Royal Bank, has good negotiation skills, excellent in supplier-vendor management and has good working knowledge in computer and enterprise resource planning packages such as SAP.

Alhaji Abdul Mumuni holds Postgraduate Certificate in Procurement from Ghana Technology University College (GTUC), Diploma in Business Studies from University of Hertfordshire, UK and Certificate in Business Management & Organisational Behavior from Bellerbys College, UK. Alhaji Abdul Mumuni also holds an advanced Level French proficiency Certificate.